A color palette of my favorite colors.


The Stages of Grief 
Shock/Disbelief, Pain/Guilt, Anger/Bartering, Depression/Reflection, The Upward Turn, Acceptance/Hope


Handwritten Font Collection inspired by Sailor Moon (part 1/3)

usagi ami rei makoto minako mamoru

"You  deserved  so  much  more.”

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I mashed up a few screenshots to make a panorama. I’m really proud of the outcome. 

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"So young when the pain had begun now forever afraid of being alone.”

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Due to some family issues, I’m going on a temporary hiatus. Hopefully won’t last more than a week and I’ll get to my inbox. :)

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Requested by Anon (2/2): Krystal + Red Hair icons
(send a message if you want to download)
you must make me some pretty red haired krystal icons! the same goes for tiffany. color and everything!

Done and done! One published and the other in the queue! Thank you for the request.